Press Release

When word got out about a local Newmarket man “living his dreams” and helping others to do the same, I was intrigued. I quickly did some research, talked to some people and arranged to meet with Chris and his wife, Cathy at their Newmarket home. Through a home based business, Chris has been working closely with many Newmarket residence helping them discover what they truly want out of life. He has been able to show people how to build an effective business that will generate a sustainable income for them in a fraction of the time required per week that it would take to achieve in a traditional business setting, consistently. The key to this he tells me is service, ” Being in service to others. “When you realize what it is you want in life and are able to put that aside and help others the possibilities are endless.”

When I got to the house on Saturday, Chris met me at the front door with a smile on his face and an inviting hand shake. ” Come on in, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He escorted me to the family room where we were to sit and talk. Before we start his wife Cathy brings over a pot of tea and three cups, Chris goes to the kitchen and brings some assorted desserts to family room as well.

We all sit down, get comfortable and I ask the first question, “how did you do it?” Chris takes a moment before answering the question, and with a smile he says, ” It all started with one question…” he looks at his wife and chuckles a little and continues with ” It only took me three tries before I really understood how to answer that question!”

I was intrigued, one question and to achieve everything that he has done up to this point all he had to do is answer that one question. Most people go through life trying to answer many questions and still find that they aren’t quite where they want to be.

There is a bit of a pause and then I finally asked him what that question was. ” What do you want more of in life?” he replies with a smile. Looking with disbelief I ask him to continue.

Chris begins to explain that before he could become successful in life he had to discover what he really wanted in life, ” My purpose.” he said. The first time he was asked the question he gave it some thought and left it at that, the second time he was asked the question was through a course he had decided to take to help him build a successful MLM business.

” The course was called Go90Grow an online course created by an incredible gentleman by the name of Mark Januszewski.” He goes on to explain in depth how this course was designed to help people build a successful a business based on skills. ” I didn’t feel comfortable with what I was originally taught to build our MLM business, the number of hours I was told I had to put in, how to approach people, what to tell them. I stopped. I realized I had stopped because I had integrity. I wanted to help people, and I wasn’t able to do that with the current methods I had been taught.”

Chris goes on to say that the 90-day course was designed to help people build a successful business. ” When you find out what the person wants that you intend to help through the business they have a reason to build the business, to achieve what they authentically value, and it’s your job as their sponsor to support them through their journey. But the first thing you have to discover is what you want out of life, what your purpose is. How can you expect to help other people achieve what they value if you don’t know what you want?” And so began his journey the second time to find his purpose in life. He said although the course was what he had been looking for and was determined to see it through he fell short of his expectations a second time.” I let my fears get the best of me, I made up excuses in my head to justify why I couldn’t continue and I never completed the course. That hurt. I didn’t quite understand the damaging effect it would have on me until the third and final time I decided to tackle this question that I had been dodging for so long.”

Chris goes on to explain that although he did not complete the course some good habits were formed from it and that kept the spark of hope lit to carry him through until he made the decision to revisit this question. He mentions that there was a book that they were assigned to read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. ” My fortieth birthday was approaching and most guys had told me that this is when I would hit my ‘mid-life crisis’. There is a section in the book about the fruitful years of 40. After reading that section, I began to look forward to entering my 40’s. I actually started to get very excited. I started to look at what I have already, and how grateful I am for it all. From that point on things started to come together.”

A week before his birthday he got an e-mail message about a course that would begin on the 27th of September of 2015, the day after his fortieth birthday. Chris’ wife Cathy adds that they both believe that things happen for a reason. ” Chris had done some research on this course, it was a pay it forward scholarship designed to help people find as Chris mentioned before, your purpose in life.” Cathy looked at him and smiled as she patted him on the lap,” he said he came to me for advice, but I knew at that point that he had already made the decision in his mind to apply for it.”

“So what is this course, and how did it help you find your purpose in life?”

“I t’s called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.


and how everything is starting to come together and grow.   I mean when I think about it, it really is incredible. I am humbled by the journey I’ve started and eager to continue it with my family, exploring all the wonderful things this beautiful  world has to offer.