One year: MKMMA Year Two – The Journey Continues

bigstockphoto_man_meditation_12036691One Year.

One year has passed since I’ve taken the MKMMA course. Many good things continue to happen for me. I had thought about how I could put into words everything that’s happened so that people who choose to read this may get a better understanding of what this course continues to do for me and many others, and as I begin this course again with my wife this time, the third and fourth paragraphs to Part one of Haanel’s Master Key put’s a smile on my face, it is what’s happening to me:

“Day by day as you go on and on, as you gain momentum, as your inspiration deepens, as your plans crystalize, as you gain understanding, you will come to realize that this world is no dead pile of stones and timber, but that it is a living thing! It is made up of the beating hearts of humanity. It is a thing of life and beauty.

It is evident that it requires understanding to work with material of this description, but those who come into this understanding, are inspired by a new light, a new force, they gain confidence and greater power each day, they realize their hopes and their dreams come true, life has a deeper, fuller, clearer meaning than before.”

As I continue to read through Part One it’s like I am getting an opportunity to assess my progress:

“Harmony in our world within means our ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us.”

I have a story to share which kind of drives home these points. I had a medical examination just recently to determine the status of my health from a medical condition I had.

I believed and continue to believe that I am healthy, and because of my belief, I am.

About seven years ago my health started getting better, but at the time I couldn’t quite pinpoint what changed. I did talk with a nutritionist about diet, that helped. I did start taking an all-natural supplement, that helped. I stopped taking my medication about two and a half years ago with no relapses. I started exercising regularly and started to gain weight again. But why? Why am I getting better? I thought about it, a lot. And it hit me. My thoughts changed. I don’t remember the exact date that it happened, but at some moment I stopped asking ‘why’, ‘why is this happening to me?’ and I started asking ‘what’, ‘what do I need to do to achieve true health and balance in my life, who do I need to become?’ When I started asking the right questions, the answers started to present themselves to me.

Back to my examination

So I’m sitting in the waiting room with my wife, a little nervous. I knew I felt good, I just knew, but my thoughts were getting the best of me.

My wife remembered to show me some of the pictures and videos of my son, daughter and myself in swimming class earlier that week. That got my mind off track a little, which was good.

Then I was called into the prep room. My mind started racing again. My hands were cold. The prep nurse made a comment about how cold they were.

She left me in the curtained area where I was to fill out a form and dress down and put that wonderful blue gown on. I felt so uncomfortable. I couldn’t get settled.

I had finally had enough

I forced myself to sit down on the bed. I decided to sit still with my eyes closed and think while waiting for the nurse to come back.

I don’t remember exactly what my thoughts were, but they were good, positive. Almost instantaneously I was overwhelmed with joy. Positive thoughts kept pouring in, a big smile on my face.

That nervousness, that fear that I felt, it all went away. I felt my body surging with warmth. There was a calmness within me.

From that point on I remember having great conversations with all the staff up to the point where they put me out for the examination.

I recovered quickly from the anesthetics after the exam and when the doctor spoke with me, he said he could not find anything. I asked him to repeat what he said; my mind was still a little fuzzy from the anesthetics. He did, and I just smiled and said, ‘thank you.’

Closing thoughts

As I continue to read through Part One of The Master Keys to help me conclude this post I come across another point which resonates within me:

“This system will bring you into a realization of power which will be yours when you understand this relation between the world without and the world within. The world within is the cause, the world without, the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause.”

I understand more and more the importance of this statement every day as I continue on my journey.

For those of you who have decided to take the course this year, congratulations. Trust the process, and believe in yourself.

For those of you interested in finding out more about the course and if it is a fit for you, at the top of this post you’ll see a heading that says Master Key Scholarship. When you run the cursor over it there will be a drop down tab that says get your MKE Scholarship, when you click that there is some free information about the course and if you choose to, you can sign up there for early notification for next year’s course.

And if you’d like to try something fun and challenging, if you look over to the right of this post there is a clock with a title underneath it that says 7 Days To A New Life, sign up there for the free challenge!

2 thoughts on “One year: MKMMA Year Two – The Journey Continues

  1. Cathy

    Chris, you are my inspiration for taking the course. What you achieved in recent years will stay with you for life. You were a fabulous person – loving, caring and fun – before you took the course…and now it is like your energy has been redirected in a more focused manner…one that is more in line with your true purpose. Live each and every day to the fullest! You deserve it!…and I’ll be with you for the journey 🙂



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