Remember to Have Fun! – Week 22 MKMMA

Being able to create your own destiny and leave nothing to chance? Some people may say that’s a pretty boring life. I beg to differ. Can you imagine a life where the things you had always hoped to achieve could be done by design and with excitement? I am.

Now, there is work involved in getting to this point but like the great basketball coach John Wooden shares, “you’ll find most of it is practice, the rest of it is work.”

Since day one of the MKMMA course we’ve been shown how the brain and body works, and I’m still learning but I find more and more every day I focus less on the things I cannot control and more on the things I can.

What do I mean, you may ask? Well I focus on what I want more in life, not what I want less in life.

Haanel states in Part 22 of the Master Key:

“…thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is not to our liking.”

Funny thing is the MKMMA course has kept me in constant thought, but the one major thing I have forgotten to do is have fun with it. I’ve been looking at some of my recent posts and holy crap, as much as this course has been challenging, if I’m not smiling, what’s the point?

The truth is I’ve been enjoying life a lot more, but when it comes to writing something down I seem to focus on the serious stuff.

Let’s try something a little more light-hearted and start with Sunday. In Sundays MKMMA webinar we were given a new challenge… to sit in silence. No electronics, little or no interaction with people, nothing, except our reading material from the course.

Funny thing is when that was mentioned in the webinar I was on the way to my parents house with my wife and kids, I thought to myself uh oh… I did this slight shrug with my shoulders and my head turned slightly to the left as my right eye squinted slightly hoping Cathy didn’t hear that part but also bracing for possible impact. Incredibly nothing was said at that point and I was able to listen to the rest of the webinar safely and finished listening to the rest of it while at my parents house. On our way home from my parents place that night I don’t remember how the conversation came up about the silence thing, but it did and I do remember two things Cathy mentioned. The first was, “when did you want to do this, and for how long?” and the second I think was, “we’ll work around it.”  I was in a little bit of shock, I thought to myself, “that went a lot better than what I thought it would, wow, WOW.”

I am happy that that had gone over the way that it did and although we have not picked a date or dates yet, I am very thankful that Cathy is being very accommodating. I am very grateful that she has been very understanding through the whole process.

Now did I also mention that I joined an MLM business the following evening? Uh huh, my wife knows about that one too, but she’s actually excited for me about that one. Was my enroller listening with me to the webinar on Sunday? No… did I tell her about the silence thing that evening? Not really, and what I mean by not really is no. I wonder how that conversation is going to go over… “Yes! I really am excited to get started, however I’m going to be gone for a few days… not sure exactly when… haven’t really planned that out yet… what’s that? Stay connected while I’m gone? Um… no, not really… it’s a silence thing, I’m kind of supposed to disconnect from everything…”

Nice thing is I’m still remaining positive about it, I’ll figure something out. I just have to remember to have fun with it, otherwise, what’s the point, right?

1 thought on “Remember to Have Fun! – Week 22 MKMMA

  1. Cathy

    I like that there is a focus on theory and science in this course. It is not just another personal motivator preaching to inspire. It seems as though you’re getting an education on the workings of the mind and by expanding your knowledge base this course helps you change your blueprint through enlightenment. I’m excited to take the course next September! Thank you for introducing it to me.



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