Week 14 MKMMA – Discoveries, Persistence, The Power of a Simple Affirmation, and a Tiny Little Exercise

What I had hoped for is now happening. I wrote it down in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), I visualized it, I applied the knowledge and skills developed through the MKMMA course, I was and still am persistent, and I am in awe.

I understand even more now the purpose of personal pivotal needs and fulfilling them. I don’t just stop doing them once I’ve achieved them, they become part of who I am, they’ve become part of my new habits and continue to manifest as I continue to move forward. They become part of my life.

As I read my DMP and sit and think on it more and more, constantly visualizing it, I am amazed at how I set things up without fully realizing the profound impact it would have on me. There is an affirmation that was presented to us in the MKMMA course and a suggestion to repeat it over and over again in the mind. I decided to try this one day while looking at my movie poster and I just began to smile, the affirmation fit perfectly with my PPN’s (personal pivotal needs) and  their SMART goals!

I have at the top from left to right Spiritual Growth and for my SMART goals I have following my plan of action, and charging thoughts with feelings to achieve peace within – I am whole, perfect.

I have at the bottom right of my poster True Health and for my first SMART goal I have fit at 150lbs and full of energy, and OATS with success (Objectives, Actions, Time, Schedule) which means to me to work on being effective with the time I have – strong, powerful.

My second SMART goal for my True Health is keep giving to keep getting, to have gratitude for life – loving, harmonious and happy.

Being able to link the affirmation to my movie poster and essentially my DMP has helped make my visualization even more clear, more focussed.

Several things have happened this past week to confirm that I am on the right track. I make a conscious effort to continually give now more so than ever and without expectation of reciprocity. I continue to give love to everyone, and do my best to be of service whenever I can.

I received the most wonderful compliment about my personality and character from my mother-in-law and the impact that it has had on her family.

I wanted a hosted blog site, I had to find money for this, I decided to take overtime when the opportunity came up, it did come up, but with family plans over the Christmas holidays, I chose to do what I thought was more important, spend time with my family. A couple days after Christmas I received money as a gift from my mother. The only person that knew about what I wanted to do and the cost was my wife.

I have struggled with scheduling and planning things for many years, last week on an index card I wrote out certain things that I do regularly over the course of the week and beside each one I wrote down the time it should take me to get it done. I used the timer on my watch to hold me accountable. It worked. One other key thing I decided to do was to not be so concerned about what time I decided to something but I focussed more on being effective within the time I had set out to complete whatever it was I had set out to do.

This past Wednesday night my wife and I made dinner. Even with all the confusion from our two tired children and the cat, several things on the go at the same time, I was able to stay focussed on getting dinner done. We worked harmoniously together, even with the occasional break to get the kids focussed on something so we could continue cooking, it was a lot of fun. We were able to get everything done and finish eating (I went a few minutes over) within the time I had set out. And we had enough time to sit and watch a movie with the kids before bedtime, it was a wonderful night.

One other event happened to me that I thought is worth mentioning and remembering. On Thursday morning I had a dilema to deal with. I had a decision to make and two choices that would dictate my outcome for the rest of the day. I could choose to dwell on the decision I made and let that consume my mind with thoughts of, “what will happen with the decision I made, who will it affect and how, and did I do the right thing…” or I could accept the decision I made, celebrate the fact that I made the decision and choose to let it go, and enjoy the rest of the day.

I went with the second choice. But I knew that I would have some challenges of sticking with my choice, so I devised a plan and put it into action.

I did two things to ensure I would not slip back into my old habits. First I used an exercise called NARC (Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning). Basically what I did was my daily morning readings, then I put them all away. I associated putting all my readings away with giving up and thought about how that would feel. I could not pick them up until I made it through the day, focussing on enjoying it. The second thing I did was repeat in my mind the affimation, “I am whole, perfect,strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” I would repeat this over and over again in my mind anytime I would start thinking about the choice I had made in the morning or any other time a thought would enter my mind that had no definite helpful end in view. It worked. I even noticed that I would smile anytime I thought it. I made it through the day with success. At the end of the night I completed the NARC exercise by taking all my readings out that I had put away and linking a happy pleasurable feeling with achieving what I had set out to do which was enjoying the day. I’ve also noticed that this affirmation is now stuck in my head. It is now Sunday and I am still using it whenever I need to.

This week has been truly incredible for me and even though I did not achieve some of my True Health goals on the date that I had set out, I have much more to be happy for. I will refocus, persist and succeed.









14 thoughts on “Week 14 MKMMA – Discoveries, Persistence, The Power of a Simple Affirmation, and a Tiny Little Exercise

  1. Master Key Alice1

    Very very nice!!!! It was all great, but I have to admit my favorite part is cooking the dinner and watching a movie with the children and your wife….many things and experiences are so important, we all agree that is a fact… But something as ordinary as making dinner and watching a movie, becomes extraordinary!!!!! It’s the awareness, the commitment. The victory makes it all so worth while!!! Soon that will be the norm…of planning and carrying out a task that serves so many purposes!! Great job!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris Post author

      Thanks! I’ve found that being more focused is allowing me to enjoy things even more, and I agree, the ordinary things do become extraordinary! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Enjoy the day!

      Liked by 1 person


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