Week 8 MKMMA – You want me to do What?!

So, eight weeks ago if you told me to write out what I want in life, so I could achieve it, keep it to 300 to 400 words and read it three times a day, and tell me I may have to revise it several times to get everything just right, I might say “Alright… makes sense… you make a list for grocery shopping so you remember everything you want… I’ll give it a shot.”

Now, if you told me that I had to read two different books daily, one of them three times a day, throw in a couple essays, have cue cards with affirmations to read aloud three times a day, have my full length DMP (Definite Major Purpose or what I want in life) handy to read one or two times a day and a condensed version of it readily available to read one or two times a day or whenever I need it, shapes and colours placed in strategic places for me to see and read, a poster with everything on it that I wish… no, no, not wishwant to achieve, there’s a big difference between wishing and wanting… big difference. A recording of my DMP to listen to while I’m driving to work, working out, or before I go to sleep, and also to sit and think for fifteen minutes every night to gain control of my mind and the thoughts that go through it.

Oh yeah, and set up a blog, read other people’s blog posts, comment and share them, write and publish my own once a week, attend a webinar every Sunday with optional webinars to attend during the week, as well as logging onto a website almost daily to see how the other members of the course are progressing, see how they’re doing, share how I’m doing and help each other out.. kind of like a big study group…

If you told me eight weeks ago before I started the course… if everything I just described above, I’ve covered almost everything… oh hang on… yes, how could I forget… setting up a twitter account and tweeting, if all of this was listed just above the place where it says “click here to confirm your registration for this course”, I probably would have said, “Hmmm, that’s interesting… I’m going to go ahead and do a bit more research before I decide to move forward with this one… while inside my head a voice would have been screaming, “What are you, nuts?! What are you going to do, take a leave from work, and while you’re at it tell your family you won’t be seeing much of them for the next six months?! HO LEEEE Moses where do you think you’re going to find the time?”

But as I’m sitting in the kitchen writing this now, listening to my son laugh hysterically at his mom and our kitten interacting with each other I know that time is not an issue. In fact I have come to a realization through the experiences from this MKMMA course that it’s not how many hours I devote towards doing something, it’s the quality, what I decide to do with the time I have with my wife, my kids, my friends, work, this course that matters the most.

Another thing that comes to mind is reminders. Myself as well as many other people are repeatedly reminded, daily, like a 2×4 across the back of the head of how bad things are and how bad they’re going to get. So why can’t I just take a bigger 2×4… let’s say a 2×4 with all the daily exercises I have to do… no, no… choose to do… there’s a big difference between have to do and choose to do… are you starting to see a pattern here? So I take this 2×4 and smack myself  across the front of my head (the frontal lobe is there, it’s where good things happen when effectively stimulated) daily with it so I continue to remind myself of how much more important it is to see how good things are and how much better they’re going to get.

I accept that there are a lot of negative things going on in the world today, but I never dwell on them. I accept it for what it is and move on with enjoying my life, and the abundance of good things that continually happen in the world today. I have much to be grateful for.


7 thoughts on “Week 8 MKMMA – You want me to do What?!

  1. Larry Thompson

    Time remains a challenge for me. But I think the challenge is more about giving up the junk and learning to focus, which remains a lingering issue…
    Try going from wish to want to WILL! That’s the big leap.
    All the best.


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