Week 5 MKMMA – Limitations

As we go into week five of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course I find that this past week a word has popped up more frequently than I had noticed in the past, maybe it’s because of what I am learning through this course, maybe it’s because I am beginning to observe things a little differently, maybe it’s the positive literature that we’ve been instructed to bombard our mind with day in and day out through this course, maybe it’s my old blueprint desperately clinging to my subconscious mind trying to get back in, maybe it’s the new blueprint showing me what’s held me back for so long.

The word is limitations.

This word had a devastating impact on my life. Sure there are certain limitations that we should accept for the safety of our own well-being, like say for example standing on the edge of a cliff just to get a better view of the beautiful scenery before you when standing back a just a few feet would have given us the same results without having to worry about… say the cliff’s edge giving away beneath your feet. Or standing in the middle of the track at the Molson Indy because you felt that your front row seat just wasn’t close enough to the action to give you that feeling of really being there.

The limitations I am talking about are the ones that we put on ourselves that hold us back from living our life to its fullest potential, living life with purpose.

The excuses everyone makes as to why they didn’t see something through. Why do most people do this? Everyone has their reasons, I know I had mine, But after discovering that these excuses have put limitations on my potential, I decided that it is time to remove them, permanently.

Here is a video I recently watched. Most of the people shown throughout the video have physical limitations, and each and every one of them had a choice. They  could succumb to their limitations and live a life wondering what they could have done, listen to other people tell them what they could and could not do, or believe in themselves and live a life of limitless potential.

If you’ve been looking at life a certain way and not seeing what you want, maybe you should take a step back and look at it differently.



15 thoughts on “Week 5 MKMMA – Limitations

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  2. masterkeyjac

    What an awesome video. Thank you for including this in your post. Reminds me of the quote that goes something like..whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

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  3. Anne Master Key

    Great post Chris! I loved the video! I am dealing with something that I am finally acknowledging as a part of my life that I need to be more conscious of and kind to myself when it needs (health issue) but not consider it a limitation. I realize it is a piece of me and if I acknowledge and properly care for myself it will not be a limitation but a friend!

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