Week 4 MKMMA – Change

At first I wasn’t too sure about what to write this week, I had some ideas but nothing… concrete(LOL)… but after a discussion I had with my wife Thursday night I realized… with a little bit of help that I have plenty to write about and be grateful for!

I am on my day shift this week, I have so far spent four wonderful evening dinners with my family at home, movie night at home, helped out with the kid’s bedtime routine, getting my meals ready for the next day, cleaned up the kitchen at the end of each night after what I’ll call the “Tornado effect” (two young kids, two adults and one baby kitten), still doing all that is necessary for the MKMMA course, and doing it with excitement I will add, and my wife and I still have a retirement party to attend on Friday! (date night!)

Scheduling things in is getting good, and I know I can make it better. I am still having late nights and I know that will improve as I get better with my scheduling, but I’ve noticed some changes in me. I am sleeping through the night, sometimes I’d be up two to three times in a night, I am able to handle what life presents to me with a calmer state of mind and every morning this week I’ve been waking up… happy.  Rewind back to about a month ago on the same dayshift and by Wednesday I would have been ready to pack it in!

I have also had the privilege of reading other member’s blogs this past week. and I just wanted to thank everyone for taking that step to share what is happening with themselves through this course. It has been very insightful and I look forward to reading the blogs to follow!

The compound effect works. When you understand that it always works and how to use it to create the life you want, a life with purpose, the possibilities are endless. The start may be slow at first, but it works.

11 thoughts on “Week 4 MKMMA – Change

  1. Anne Master Key

    Wow Chtis that is a wonderful post & sounds like a wonderful week!! You have inspired me to do better. Because I know I can, no matter what life throws at me!! ☺️
    Enjoy date night with your wife! I look forward to reward to traveling this journey with you!! 😃

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    1. chris Post author

      I am looking forward to it! I’m happy to be spending more quality time with family too. And thank you for your continued support. I appreciate it very much!


  2. Bob Watkins

    Chris, I know how you feel and very much appreciate having the privilege of turning to a calmer life, more purposeful life (despite tornados and hurricanes) wrapped in the experience of family. It’s a wonderful life isn’t it!, and just getting better and better 🙂

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    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Hans, thanks for reading. This post was from last year’s Week 4. I am thanking you for reading it because it made me read it again and realize how much my life has changed for the better. I have a Week 4 post for this year…. I’m just running a little behind and although it’s not as uplifting I still am happy and I am still making progress. Thank you for your kind words! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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